Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hold on for one more day...

Oh shucks! I was really excited about my Dollar Tree posts for today. I even took some VERY detailed pictures. It seems my camera cord has run away from me. That's a bummer. If you can hold on for one more day I promise I will make it worth it!

Okay, but I will give you a little tiny hint. If you happen to be at Dollar tree and notice some colorful spinners- pick them up! (When I say them, I mean 2-3 honestly.) OR if you happen to see a little plastic 5-pocket organizer that looks like a mini shoe organizer- pick that up too! And pick up one for each of your team mates. I mean really, it's a dollar! I promise you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I made.

FYI- If you live in the North Dallas area: I cleaned the Richardson Dollar Tree (off Coit and Beltline-ish by Whole Foods) out of 5 pocket organizers. Manager said he gets another shipment in Friday, should have lots at that time. Lewisville Dollar Tree has lots of spinners, no organizers but they supposedly got a shipment today. Crossing my fingers because I need more. Dollar Tree in The Colony has lots of everything when I checked last weekend. Good luck!


  1. Dang girl! Thanks for making me think of Wilson Phillips. I won't be able to get that dang song out of my head!! HA!! Okay...ummm..I'm DYING to see what you're doing with everything!!! Making a trip to the Dollar Tree first thing in the morning!! Eeeks!!! Find that camera cord, asap!!!

    Cara :)

  2. HAHA @Cara... I'm singing it too, as I read & type. :) Takes me back to those "Concord" days... :)