Monday, August 8, 2011

Classroom Photos

I'm ashamed to say this is actually my second week to be working in my classroom. Last week I honestly only worked half days. This week is GO time. I am so excited to be a mentor teacher again this year, in fact I think I'm more excited about her room (blank canvas) than mine! Anyway, that's why I'm a crazy woman getting my stuff done so that I can be available to help her. Ahh...the first year of teaching.

Anyway, here are some pictures to give you an idea of what's going on in Mrs. Scott's room.
Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite parts of the room. Since I have a T-INY teacher desk, I decided to organize my supplies in this. Last year I stapled it sideways under my Smartboard for the kids' word rings. (See Daily 5 pictures to check it out.) This year the shoe organizer is mine! (Although I'm still strongly considering buying another so we can nicely store word rings.) Did you notice the blue bucket of Runaway Crayons? Love that! When the kids find crayons on the floor, or wherever, instead of shouting, "Who lost their yellow color?" They just throw it in this bucket. Then, if you happen to discover one of your colors/markers have gone missing- just check the runaway buckets!
Hats off to my husband for fixing my numbers. With the heat of the summer this board was literally drooping, but he made it look nice again. Extra bins on the tables, sorry about that. Oh, and a really nice desk chair that I will not be using this year. Our speech teacher has her eyes on it. FYI- the purple bulletin board is for math stations and I'm going to use the chalkboard for my math word wall.
Okay, so the alphabet is missing, but there is a good reason for that! We are using Handwriting Without Tears next year, hooray! Unfortunately, we are still waiting to get letters to hang in our room. Oh well, I'm ready when they arrive! The green bulletin board will be for the fabulous day students. I'll post more pictures when it's finished.
*Ignore the fan in the middle of the room!*
This is where I keep track of the student jobs. I'm definitely going to have to move it this yearbecause the big book case is blocking it. Until I can figure everything else out, it will stay here.

I'm falling in love with this part of my room. My room mom putting together the rest of my book boxes. That's why it only goes across half the way. Trying to decide for sure what I'm going to put on the bottom shelf. With that crazy bulletin board fabric (from Ikea by the way, $1.99/yard plus it's over 60 inches wide) I need to keep it clean on these shelves. If you can see that black chair on the left side, my 2006-2007 class made that for me. It has all their sweet names on the back. Even though it has my maiden name and old school on it, I will use it every year until it literally crumbles under my bum.
This is what it looks like when you walk in my room. The blue bulletin board is blank, but I'm going to use this to post "How to Choose the Right Fit Book" with the kids. It will probably be blank until the second week of school. Is it just me or does that clock look realllly small up there in the corner. I will need to invest in a new one soon, this one is not so great at keeping the time anyway.

Those extra chairs stacked in the back bug me BIG time. :( Cubbies need to be labeled but I will save that for tomorrow.

As you can see, I still have a ways to go, but I finally feel like I'm making head way!

Tomorrow I will post some of my favorite Dollar Tree finds and how I used them in my classroom set-up. Design on a dime, right Cara?


  1. Looking fabulous Nicole :) Your room always does :)

  2. Your room great! I love that Ikea fabric, so pretty. Also your shoe organizer is pretty brilliant for my small classroom. I got rid of my horseshoe table and teacher desk this year so I need ideas on storage!
    Kindergarten Creativity

  3. Your room looks great! I've been working in my classroom for two weeks (mostly half days, too) and it doesn't look anywhere close to as good as yours! I moved that's my excuse. HA! It'll get there, though. It always does. :o)

  4. Where did you get your cute little framed "rules" and alphabet?? (Or did you make them?) :)

  5. Sara,

    Here you go friend. The alphabet is here and the rules are here Way too cute to be created by me, but what a sweet idea! Have fun!


  6. Oh, my, love your blog and room. I just found it via Pinterest! Question--on the CAFE board are you going to place standards? I just had an idea to use some of our state standards that HAVE to be posted under the different areas instead of the Beanie Baby strategies that I have been using. (I could reword them to merge both). And...where did you find the polka dot backgrounds for the CAFE titles?

  7. Great questions! I'm not going to put standards on my CAFE board, but I'm fortunate that is not a requirement in my district. Since this in mandated for you, I say go for it! I'm working on the beanie baby strategies now, so funny you mentioned it! Planning to post soon!

    I found the polka dot backgrounds at Michaels in the teacher section believe it or not. I've also seen them at Mardel's and Teacher's Tools, but I like using my coupon and teacher discount at Michaels.

  8. Oh my goodness love your bulletin board fabric!!

    ~ Miss J
    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories