Monday, July 18, 2011

Daily 5 Pictures

Here are the Daily 5 Pictures as promised. These were taken sometime in February when I had a student teacher and had a minute of time to snap these shots. Make a note- these were taken in a kindergarten classroom. Yes, I know my blog is about first grade, but I don't officially start teaching first until August. I will post new pictures as I get my room back in order.

Okay, so not the best picture- this really makes my room look cluttered. If you look closely in the back you will see it says Work on Writing. That's where I kept the materials for writing. You can also sneak a peak at the Read to Someone I-Chart.

Part of Work on Words- I converted a plastic shoe organizer into a word ring organizer.

My favorite part of Daily 5- Work on Words

Class Library- to the right you will see some fabulous Target $1 pocket charts they used for word sorts.

So this is my Cafe and Daily 5 board. To the right you can see their book boxes and my DRA kit.


  1. I would love to know more about how you introduced D5 and CAFE to kindergarten students! How did they do with reading to someone?

  2. Alright, let me start by saying in kindergarten we did the Daily 3 until winter break. I'm not sure if it was in the kinder DVD or if I found out when I talked to the sisters at the San Antonio training, but they suggested focusing on three parts in kinder.

    That being said, I decided that I was going to focus on Read to Self from day 1. We worked on our stamina daily, usually 2-3 times within a day. Honestly, on the first day of school we barely made it to two minutes- but I stuck to it. By the fourth week of school they were reading for 12 minutes silently, independently and ENJOYING it. Now, if I recall correctly, this is not the order the book teaches. I just did what works for me. Between the RTSelf practices we would do fun work on words activities, something that got them moving. By the third week of school we made our I-Chart for work on words, two weeks later Work on Writing. Note: I had a separate time for writer's workshop in addition to Daily 5. So, the kids were writing daily prior to integrating it into the workshop.

    So, I picked the three part that worked for me and for my class. Obviously you can decide what works for you and your group. I introduced Read to Someone the first day they came back in January. Now, they were asking about Read to Someone (it was on the board) probably starting in October so they were pumped about it. Once we made the I-Chart and got going I was kicking myself for not introducing it sooner. They were great at this! If I teach kinder again I would probably start Read to Someone in Novemberish. I would want them to have some reading language, tools for coaching, stamina for reading, etc. However, I think I waited just a tad too long and they probably could have benefited from it sooner. Live and learn, right?

    I will post my lesson plans later this week for you to browse through. Really, I followed the book step by step, it was very easy!

  3. Awesome, thanks! I definitely want to start with Read to Self. Our 90 minute block is only Reading, so I can't mix in the writing unless I get really creative (like response to literature or something). I plan on doing my writing at a different point of the day. Did you assign them their Daily 5 things or did you do choice from the beginning? I was debating on what to do with this one. I think it might be easier to figure out once I get my group and see what they are like. Every year is different, that's for sure!

  4. Crazy question. . . forgive me. Has nothing to do with Daily 5 although that is how I found your blog. Here it is. . . where did you get that crazy beautiful background for of bright flowers for your cafe board? I love it!
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

  5. Marsha,

    That background is actually fabric from IKEA. We actually have an IKEA store close by and I bought it for $1.99/yard. The great thing about IKEA fabric that it's wide enough to cover board top to bottom. If you don't have an Ikea nearby, I bet you can look online to order. It's the best $8 I've ever spent in my classroom! Good luck!