Saturday, September 17, 2011

Daily 5 I-Charts

Hello friends,

I hope you had another terrific week. I'm going to break one of those blog etiquette rules today and post twice. For now, I'm going to give you all copies of our Daily 5 I-Charts. You'll notice I don't have Listen to Reading posted yet, we are still working on that. I consider myself very lucky that we are already up to "Daily 4" in mid September. It helps when you get to keep your kids for two years. Just know, we may be doing 4 parts of the Daily 4, but we are definitely still building our stamina on the Read to Someone part.

You'll notice that each I-chart has two pages. One page is the chart I created with my students. We use words like "participation" because that's part of our Mustang Code. Or, when we refer to voice levels, we usually have something like voice level 0 (silent) or voice level 1 (whisper/six inch voice). You probably don't want that, so I made an extra page that closely follows the book.

If you want to download just click below.

I'm sorry issuu is making you create an account to print and download- yikes! I tried to fix that, but I'm not an issuu expert at this point. Here are the links for google docs. :)


  1. I can't download these. It says you need to subscribe.

  2. Sorry Carolina gal! I uploaded to google docs, so hopefully you will have better luck! Let me know if you still have trouble!

  3. Love the I Charts! Do you have one for Listening to Reading yet?

  4. LOVE these I Charts - too cute! Is Listen to Reading on the way? *fingers crossed*

  5. These are perfect!! And Adorable for my first grade class! Do you have Listen to Reading ?? Thanks so much!!

    1. Here is the link for the listen to reading I-chart. Enjoy!